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Sylvia In a Pinch

I’ve become really fond of this anthro version of Sylvia from Wander Over Yonder I’ve drawn before. I got the urge to do something with her again, and decided to go to the “heroine captured by villainess” well again. Sylvia and Dominator’s dynamic in the series is one I’m fond of, and if I shipped anyone in that show it’d be them. I did a pic a bit similar to this one a while back of Catra and Adora, I just like the implication that Dominator’s about to have a lot of fun with Sylvia’s unique body. I don’t know if many other people will like this. I see Sylvia porn somewhat frequently, but it seems like when I’ve drawn her it’s always been to a mixed reaction. I had a lot of fun making this pic, though, and really it was just for me.

The Night Out

So this is a pic I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. Sylvia and Lord Dominator are an interesting pairing to me. Lord Dominator is the main antagonist of Wander Over Yonder and Sylvia is Wander’s gruff but pure-hearted best friend, but for one episode we get to see them bond in a unique way. Lord Dominator dons a disguise (as seen in the pic) and goes out to have fun, where she runs into Sylvia. Sylvia doesn’t recognize her, and the two become pretty close before things fall apart towards the end. I know a lot of people may not care much about this one, but it’s something I’ve been meaning to get out for over a year now so I’m happy to finally be able to release it.