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Taeru Sopotoko Character Ask 1

I’ve had a few questions for my Ersatzverse characters since introducing them, but until now haven’t really had a good opportunity to answer any of them. As for the answer here, I feel like either of the Maimuni bros would’ve been good for Taeru’s answer, but I decided to commit to Holu because I’ve got a pic of Molimo in the works (though who knows if that will actually get finished).

Also, here is the Q&A video I did for Subscribers last month, if anyone’s interested:

Ersatzverse – Taeru and Sajari

Here’s two more Esatzverse characters, Taeru and Sajari! Taeru’s on the left and Sajari’s on the right, of course. Like usual I won’t be directly explaining who each of them is based on, though I don’t doubt most of you will know right away. They’re both members of the Maimuni brothers’ “Feel-Good Bandits” gang, and I think either would make good bottoms for the brothers (or they could be paired with each other, too). Taeru’s a bit of a shark boy, with an affinity for water (which conflicts with the arid desert that the bandits operate out of). Sajari’s the gang’s chef, but like the rest of the gang is also a competent fighter. I’ve currently got only one other member of this group in my head (though more could be added later). There’s a decent chance she’ll be the next character I introduce to y’all.