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Closing Time, Page One

So “Closing Time” is a smallish comic project I’m trying out. The idea is to use a simpler approach to the paneling based on some other short comics I’ve seen around, which I’m hoping will make it possible to do comics that are longer/more substantial than One-Shots, but not take years like my full ongoing comics. To try this out I’m using a somewhat popular crossover crack ship I’ve seen between Tiana and Nanami, which I alluded to a while back in Nanami’s first Character Ask. Using that Ask as a set-up, I thought it’d be fun to see them together here in this format. I’m expecting this comic to run 6-8 pages, though I might end up trimming it shorter if I can. We’ll see.

West Supreme Kai Character Ask 1

The West Supreme Kai is a minor DBZ character I always liked, but haven’t had much for generally. With this Ask, I thought it’d be fun to give her a small handful of surprise partners. Since she has very little characterization in the show, I took this as an opportunity to just be a little random with the character selection, although I decided to pick three ladies who have all been in the 1 Club for quite a while, like she has. Clockwise, we have Sayuri Kinniku from Kinnikuman, Tara Boumdeay from Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, and Tiana from The Princess and the Frog.