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Peach and Tiara

I drew this pic back in 2018, not long after I finished Super Mario Odyssey. When you beat the game, Peach and Tiara can be seen visiting each of the game’s locations, going on a cute little lesbian vacation tour together. Drawing Peach in a recent Ask reminded me of this pic, and I decided to finish it. I really wanted to draw them together after seeing them traveling together, but Tiara’s physiology made it a little difficult. I could’ve just changed her design some, but I decided instead to hide her action here behind Peach’s big ass. Saves me from having to figure out where her tongue might come from, y’know?
Anyway, this location and Peach’s outfit are based on the jungle stage in the game. I think she also wears this outfit, or a similar one, in Mario Kart Tour, but I basically just picked one of the many cute outfits she wears in this section of the game.