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Ultimate Muscle Commission 3

Here’s the third and final picture in the Ultimate Muscle bi-three-way commission series. This time we have the Ultimate Muscle protagonist, Kid Muscle (Kinniku Mantaro, getting pegged by his romantic interest Roxanne (Rinko Nikaidō) while she sucks off one of Kid Muscle’s romantic rivals, Jäger (Jade).

I think I’m happiest with this one of the three. Even though this was by far the hardest pose for me to pull off (at least, in a way I felt was convincing), I think the final product turned out better for it. I hope you all enjoyed this series, hopefully I’ll get the chance to revisit the Kinnikuman franchise in some different approaches sometime soon.

Ultimate Muscle Commission 2

So some time ago I did an Ultimate Muscle bisexual threeway commission. I mentioned at the time that it was part of a set of three, and now here’s the second part. Ultimate Muscle is the name used in America for the dub of Kinnikuman Nisei, the sequel series to one of my favorite retro anime, Kinnikuman.

Here we see Terry “The Grand” Kenyon (Terry the Kid in Japan), put in a Boston Crab by Tamaky Maekawa as she pegs him. He’s rimming Wally Tusket (Seiuchin), one of his friends/teammates in the show. I hope everyone likes this one, and the third and final piece of the series is in progress.