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Danny Fucked

Danny Phantom is going to be in an upcoming Fusion pic, and that sparked some discussion about him on my Discord. It seems a lot of people didn’t know I’d drawn him before, mostly due to the last time I did being in 2016. While sharing those old pics, I wasn’t happy with how they’d aged, so I decided to draw him again in a simple little pic. I might come back to Danny again if I get the chance, as I do really like him, but we’ll see how things go.

There’s So Much I Can Teach You, Daniel

I’ve been wanting to do more with Danny Phantom for a while now. I feel like I’m still finding my footing with western cartoon designs like this one, but I’m much happier with this result than I am some of my past attempts.

Let me know if you guys want to see more of Danny around here. I have other ideas for him (both gay and straight). I actually have two different comic strips that both feature Danny in a bisexual role, so if there’s interest I might pick one of those up after I’ve wrapped up some of the current ongoings.