First Shoot #4 – Peridot

Here’s the last of the three First Shoot debuts that tied in our second poll! Peridot was one I was personally rooting for, but didn’t expect to do well. Of the main five gems in Steven Universe, she’s the only one I’d never drawn, though not for a lack of trying. I actually drew Peridot with Lapis back when she first appeared in the series (during the period where Lapis was her prisoner). While I had that pic in my drafts, they revealed that her arms and legs had extensions on them and she was actually short, and that kinda made my pic feel dated so I dropped it. I tried drawing her with Lapis a few more times since then, but the pics just never came together for one reason or another. So here she is now, in all her glory, paired with Kai from The Legend of Korra. This is Kai’s first appearance in color, as I’ve only drawn him in an old lineart commission before now.

Toph Beifong Character Ask 1

Hopefully I’m not embarrassing myself here with my half-remembered Avatar lore, but I think this is how Toph’s “foot vision” works. I don’t think it’d translate to footjobs being especially different for her, any more than a real life blind person’s handjobs/footjobs. I figured Toph would know that people would want to see her giving a footjob, though, so she grabbed an anon to demonstrate her mundane footjob experience.

NHS Fusions – Danruto Phantomaki

This Fusion Poll didn’t have a theme like many of the others. I was a bit surprised at the winners, though. I know both Danny and Boruto have their fans, but I haven’t done a ton with either, and I feel like when I have the response has been positive but not overwhelming. Nonetheless, they came out on top here, and so we end up with the somewhat comedically named Danruto Phantomaki. Hope you all like him!

Danny Fucked

Danny Phantom is going to be in an upcoming Fusion pic, and that sparked some discussion about him on my Discord. It seems a lot of people didn’t know I’d drawn him before, mostly due to the last time I did being in 2016. While sharing those old pics, I wasn’t happy with how they’d aged, so I decided to draw him again in a simple little pic. I might come back to Danny again if I get the chance, as I do really like him, but we’ll see how things go.

NHS Fusions – Tinx

This fusion’s a fun one, I think. The theme for the poll this time around was “The 1 Club” (characters I’ve only drawn once). I drew Jinx in a big splash image of every Teen Titans female I could remember, and Toph had a one-off pic a few years ago. I’m not too surprised these two one, since I’ve seen requests and interest in seeing more of both over the years. I think Tinx seems pretty mischievous and fun, and I hope you guys like her. I know someone will ask, too, and no, she’s not blind (since she has mostly Jinx’s eyes).

NHS Fusion – Shezula

The poll that lead to this fusion was focused on “bad girls”, ten villainesses from the long list of villainous women I’ve drawn over the years. Interestingly enough, the winning two were both ones I’ve only drawn a couple times, but I think the resulting character Shezula has some real appeal. I waffled a bit on her skin color, but ultimately decided to use the tone of Shego’s skin with Azula’s color, making her a classic pale raven-haired seductress type. I hope you all like her!

Wanda Character Ask 1

When I’ve drawn Wanda in the past, I’ve usually stuck to her small fairy form, drawing her more like a chibi or something. However, it’s not uncommon for artists to fill her out with a more conventionally-sized body in smut, and I’ve seen some good work with her taller like this. I’ve also always wanted to draw her maid design she has briefly in the Channel Chasers movie. So I decided to adapt my own interpretation of the phrase “turn yourself into”. I think probably this question is just asking if she’d adopt the role of a cum dump, not transform her body, and I did almost draw her in her normal form (sprawled on the ground, leaking cum, with mostly the same dialogue), but instead I wanted to try this approach. I didn’t go 100% with her maid design, keeping elements like her crown and wings since she’s not in disguise, but I think it turned out good. It feels like it’s been a minute since I did a conventional straight shota pic, anyway.

Sokka Character Ask 1

I’m not personally all that attracted to Sokka, but I know a lot of people are, and I thought the way this question was phrased could make for a good blowbang pic, so here we are. Sokka’s one of those characters I’d bet a number of people forget is in the Studio, since I haven’t drawn him much, or in ages, but here he is enjoying a selection of NHS sausages. Given how he tended to be animated in Avatar, he strikes me as the type to make some funny or interesting faces during sex, or especially in a situation like this, so I tried to give him a bit of personality in his expression. He seems to be enjoying himself, to me.

May ’21 One-Shot

This is the One-Shot comic I did for May. Like all of my monthly One-Shots, it was selected from the scripts submitted by my Subscribers over on SubscribeStar: Other than a few recurring characters, I don’t feel like this script had too much of a theme, it’s basically just a bunch of boys that this Subscriber wanted to see fucking. I don’t have much to say on this one, but I hope y’all enjoy it.