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Akiza Izinski and Leo

This was a commission from my top tier. The client wanted to see Akiza Izinski and Leo (although he used their original Japanese names Aki Izayoi and Lua) from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s paired together with some anal action. While I’ve drawn Yu-Gi-Oh! a few times, this is my first time drawing 5D’s (to my recollection), in part because I’ve never watched this series (I really only saw the original series and a couple episodes of GX). I am familiar with the characters, though, and I remember confusing Akiza here with Code Geass’s Kallen Stadtfeld a time or two. I’d always thought there was a good chance I’d draw Leo (and probably also his twin sister Luna) at some point, though I’d always figured it’d be with the two of them sharing a cock or something. Instead, we get some straight shota here after a bit of a spell without it. Something tells me that as long as this person is supporting me at the Epic level, there will always be at least one straight shota pic per month here on Near Hentai, and I am 100% okay with that. ^_^