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Zofia Character Ask 1

I thought it was funny that the question implies Zofia’s last name is “Rims”, though I suspect it happened due to accidentally copying too much from the title of the pic she debuted in. Regardless, I wanted to acknowledge it, but as for Zofia’s time in the Studio I imagine she’s having fun. The first time I saw her was a scene where she, Gabi, and their friends were experiencing a festival or something, relaxing and having fun away from their training. I think her time in Studio so far is probably similar, dragging Gabi around to different locations and enjoying the sights, sounds and food. I don’t really think she’d jump into new relationships right away the way many have, so I paired her with Gabi again, but maybe we’ll see her in some crossover action down the line.

Zofia Rims Gabi

So, when I did Gabi’s first pic a while back, I watched some clip compilations of her on YouTube for research. During that time I picked out two female characters I wanted to try pairing her with, and did little sketches of both pairings. This was one of those, with her friend Zofia. I liked Zofia in the clips I saw of their friend group, though I can’t say for sure if I’ll do anything else with her in the future. I assume I’ll get around to inking and coloring the other Gabi yuri pic I drew back then eventually, though it may be a while like this one was.