Near Pokédex M509 – Purrloin

It seems like, here lately, I’ve only been getting out 1-2 Pokédex entries per year. I’d like to try and change that, so I did this one to try and get some momentum back. I sketched this Purrloin back when I did the F entry, but I’d set it aside ’cause I didn’t want to do both versions of Purrloin back-to-back. It’s been a minute now, though, and I already had the sketch so this was an easy one to jump back into for a quick entry.

Near Pokédex M249 – Lugia

I haven’t done very many of the Legendary Pokémon for this series yet, and I got a bit of an urge to do something with Lugia. Lugia’s design translates well to anthro proportions, I think, and since he’s a bit of a big boy I thought I’d try and and position him in a way to show off his dumptruck ass. Of course I had to shrink him down a bit, I don’t want any of the Pokémon in this series to stray too far from normal human sizes (just a bit larger or smaller than a human, at most). At any rate, hope you all enjoy and I’ll try and come back with an entry for the F series before too terribly long.

Near Pokédex M725 – Litten

It’s been a minute, but here’s another entry for the Near Pokédex series. Last time my supporters voted for Litten, one of the newer Pokémon to appear in this series, but not a surprising choice. Everyone loves a catboy, after all, so here he is. This might be the last ‘dex entry decided by a vote like this, though, I’m considering going back to just handpicking the entries myself.

Near Pokédex M058 – Growlithe

Here’s Growlithe’s entry for the Near Pokédex M, as voted for by my supporters a while back. I knew I wanted to do a doggystyle pic for this one, but while I was working I just got more in the mood for a nice dominant pose. My first attempt was more behind them, so you’d see the penetration and Growlithe’s dick and all that, but it wasn’t working like I wanted and I ended up giving up on that. This one worked fine, though, and I do like what I was able to do with Growlithe’s expression and the light fish hooking. Anyway, I hope you all like the final product here. ^_^

Near Pokédex M447 – Riolu

So the last poll I did for the ‘dex saw Riolu win in a landslide (Riolu had 22 votes, second place had 9). This entry completes this evolutionary line in the male version of the Near Pokédex (though neither Riolu nor Lucario have shown up in the female version yet). Riolu’s not hugely different from Lucario in terms of design and anatomy, so there wasn’t much difference in how I handled the redesign here from when I did NPM448.

Near Pokédex M133 – Eevee

So here’s Eevee, who tied with Squirtle in the last Near Pokédex poll I ran. Now that they’re both done, I’ll be moving on to an entry for the female Pokédex (which one has yet to be determined). Hope you all like this entry. It didn’t go exactly as I’d hoped, so it’s difficult for me to look at it with fresh eyes, but I think it’s at least still cute.

Near Pokédex M007 – Squirtle

So I had a poll like usual to determine the next Near Pokédex M entry a while back, and it came down to a draw between Squirtle and Eevee. I decided the only right thing to do is both of them, so the next Near Pokédex entry (whenever that comes) will also be a male entry. In the meantime, here’s Squirtle, finally rounding out the Gen 1 starters for both NPM and NPF (though their evolutions are far from complete just yet). I always have problems drawing anthro turtles. I don’t know how their shells are supposed to work, and just like with the NPF Squirtle I ended up kinda winging it and hoping for the best. I’ll probably end up doing the same for any other future turtle Pokémon that show up for the ‘dex.