Near Pokédex M509 – Purrloin

It seems like, here lately, I’ve only been getting out 1-2 Pokédex entries per year. I’d like to try and change that, so I did this one to try and get some momentum back. I sketched this Purrloin back when I did the F entry, but I’d set it aside ’cause I didn’t want to do both versions of Purrloin back-to-back. It’s been a minute now, though, and I already had the sketch so this was an easy one to jump back into for a quick entry.

Near Pokédex M249 – Lugia

I haven’t done very many of the Legendary Pokémon for this series yet, and I got a bit of an urge to do something with Lugia. Lugia’s design translates well to anthro proportions, I think, and since he’s a bit of a big boy I thought I’d try and and position him in a way to show off his dumptruck ass. Of course I had to shrink him down a bit, I don’t want any of the Pokémon in this series to stray too far from normal human sizes (just a bit larger or smaller than a human, at most). At any rate, hope you all enjoy and I’ll try and come back with an entry for the F series before too terribly long.

Near Pokédex M725 – Litten

It’s been a minute, but here’s another entry for the Near Pokédex series. Last time my supporters voted for Litten, one of the newer Pokémon to appear in this series, but not a surprising choice. Everyone loves a catboy, after all, so here he is. This might be the last ‘dex entry decided by a vote like this, though, I’m considering going back to just handpicking the entries myself.

Near Pokédex M058 – Growlithe

Here’s Growlithe’s entry for the Near Pokédex M, as voted for by my supporters a while back. I knew I wanted to do a doggystyle pic for this one, but while I was working I just got more in the mood for a nice dominant pose. My first attempt was more behind them, so you’d see the penetration and Growlithe’s dick and all that, but it wasn’t working like I wanted and I ended up giving up on that. This one worked fine, though, and I do like what I was able to do with Growlithe’s expression and the light fish hooking. Anyway, I hope you all like the final product here. ^_^