NHML – Natsuki

The winner of the Near Hentai Monthly Lady for this month was Natsuki from Doki Doki Literature Club, the visual novel that’s been gaining notoriety lately for it’s subversive approach to the genre. I haven’t played the game and don’t plan to, but I did a little research on it and it seems cute. Not quite as revolutionary as some people say, but I assume those people haven’t really seen much of the genre and think all dating sims are the same. Still, as far as subversive takes on the premise go, this one is well made and definitely worth your time if you’re into creepy elements invading moe aesthetics. I still find the character designs a bit boring, though, and don’t intend to return to this game for future content.

Now, if you would like to make a nomination for next month’s NHML, nominations are now open. The way it works is you can make a comment here or post in the cBox on the side of the site naming your nomination, and she will be added to the list. Nominations must be characters I have not drawn in the past year, and preferably will be someone I’ve never drawn. On the first of April I will conduct a raffle to randomly select one of the names on the list and then I will draw her some time during the month. Fun, right? I look forward to seeing who you all nominate!



    1. Post

      Unfortunately, Sam’s in kinda this gray area where I have to focus on being, like, strict about the timeline I’ve established for who’s available. The last time I drew her was in March of last year, so I don’t think I can allow her for nomination just yet. Sorry.

  1. Meme

    About the actual post, it’s ight. On the topic of NHML, I’m gonna have to say Kumatora from Mother 3 yet again.

      1. ElEjecutor

        Charle Human Form (Fairy Tail)

        I asked for it above but I think I do not have my message because my character does not appear where the nominated girls are, that’s why I’m going back to ask here, sorry I do not want to be heavy but I want to make sure to participate 🙁

    1. Post

      I’m sorry. I’ve never stated it anywhere because it hasn’t come up before, but I don’t think I can accept an NHML nomination for a character who’s won the spot before, even if she otherwise qualifies. 🙁

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