Mace Mezzenga Bio

I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a while, and a couple different times people have asked me to do bio pages for the Applebridge characters. The main reason I haven’t before now is just that I don’t really know how to, but… Well, here goes. This is Mace’s bio page, and hopefully I’ll get around to making ones for all the Applebridge characters eventually. 🙂


  1. molecule

    When you say that his fetish is “chronophilia”, I’m guessing that you specifically mean that it’s “teleiophilia” or “mesophilia”, right?
    Since chronophilia is, as I understand it, just a collective term for every sort of age fetish there is, ranging from intantophilia to grenotophilia.
    Then again, I might be wrong. I’m not too up to date on my Sexual Fetish Terms 101.

    Nice work on it though. I do enjoy your Applegate characters quite a bit.

    1. Post

      You might could classify it as teleiophilia. Chronophilia isn’t a scientifically recognized term, so it’s had a few different uses, but the one I saw which made me want to use it for Mace was one that specified a fetish for a difference of age between partners.

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