Mickie Cummins Bio

Here’s another biography for the Applebridge series! This one’s for Applebridge’s resident futa and the partner of Terry Birch, Mickie Cummins. Her bio lets us fill in a few of the gaps from what information I’ve shared about her before, since I’ve mentioned a few things in her handful of appearances but haven’t explained them in as much detail as I have here. I’m trying to do at least one of these bios each month (though who knows, it’s certainly not set in stone). I haven’t decided who will get the next one, but there’s still a lot of characters to work through!


  1. JB-Pony

    Let Me See If I Understand Well, Mickie Is A Transgender Woman Starting The University, She And Rosalynne Were Lovers Until Mickie Left Her Pregnant, Then Rosalynne Left But She Was In Touch With Mickie To Such Degree Of Being Her Employee, Then Meet A Terry And Both Become Lovers. What I want to say in summary, is that Mickie is Terry’s Biological Mother (Father) and they are starting incest (without Terry knowing, obviously)?

    1. Post
  2. Creeperclaw

    Why must you cause me to look up new odd sounding fetishes?
    On the one hand it’s interesting, on the other hand it makes my already questionable search history weirder.

  3. Dog

    What I really want to know & see is Mickie take a fat one in her bussy. Then I safely say, I can die happy. Because what I really want to say hurts people’s feelings for a question.

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