MomSwap – Claire and Ophelia Nuñez

So, this is Claire and her mother Ophelia from Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia. Some of you may remember I did a yaoi pic with a couple of the side characters from this franchise last month. I found myself liking this series a lot more than I expected to, and I knew as soon as I saw Ophelia that I wanted to do a MomSwap entry (Claire is also cute, but Ophelia’s more my type). Claire in a honor roll type overachiever, while her mom’s a bit of a control freak who also holds political office, so I tried to tune their app bios based on that (Claire treats sex like something to study for, but her efforts do pay off, while Ophelia is a bit resistant but also deeply and secretly submissive if you push her in the right directions). I plan to do one other MomSwap entry based on the Tales of Arcadia franchise, though I’m not sure yet if I want it to be the next one I do or if I want to break things up a bit. We shall see, I suppose.


  1. Anon

    Hey Near, I have a question(really a couple) about MS. I believe you mentioned that this series will only cover settings where smartphones or equivalent technology could actually exist(so no smartphones in a medieval-ish setting for example). But what about media where “non modern” characters are pulled into a modern setting? For example in the Disney film Ralph Breaks the Internet, it features the Disney Princesses in a modern setting. Now technically those aren’t the canon Princesses and we don’t see their mothers(for those whose mothers we know are alive anyways) , but would they count? I know this is all hypothetical and that MS is largely “as I feel like it” but I was curious.

    1. Post

      If it’s something where the character time traveled, that’d be one thing, but like with your Disney Princesses example those characters are all just computer code and wouldn’t be able to actually do “swaps” through the app, you know?

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