Rogue Character Ask 1

Okay, so I couldn’t help taking a moment to poke a little fun at a simple typo. ^_^ But yeah, I think we could do some gothic fun time somewhere down the line, but let’s wait until I can squeeze it into a full pic. Rogue’s still getting used to her surroundings here in the studio, after all, but once we get her powers neutralized I’m sure she’ll be up for lots of fun.



  1. Joker

    I always felt bad for Rogue. I always imagined a male mutant immune to her powers who she’d fall in love with. She’s sad all the time, especially in Evolution.

  2. Chup@Cabra

    Nice ^_^, although (please don’t take this personally), the nose in the bottom panel seems a bit off.

    As all of us old time fans know, as soon as Genosha was introduced in the comics, and their use of ‘Power Dampening Collars’ that seemed to have NO long term detrimental effects, Rogue should have been essentially ‘cured’ from that point onward, just have ‘Forge’ make her a version of it.

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