Gon Freecss Character Ask 12

I think Gon’s being a little presumptuous here, assuming everyone’s got his taste. But regardless, Gon not taking much dick lately is due a lot more to the tastes of supporters of mine who’ve driven a lot of his content, rather than any decision on my part. When I first started doing HxH content, I saw Gon and Killua as being on equal footing, sometimes bottoming together, sometimes topping together, switching it up when it’s just the two of them… It hasn’t worked out that way since 95% or so of the HxH work I’ve done has been driven by other people, though. Originally I did not include Killua in this pic, but I decided to throw him in last minute. I realize some folks probably would’ve preferred if I’d had Killua be the one fucking Gon, instead of this anon guy, but it just didn’t feel like the right time… I’m totally fine with having Killua fuck Gon again at some point, though.


  1. Nail Gun

    Killua AND GON! I imagine Killua with eyeshadow and dolled up, trying to seduce a guy. He is a sassy boy like that. He also seems to be a lot into fashion. His outfit is creative, not too seductive but sexy and in general very competent (maybe it runs in the family).
    And then Gon shows up, disrupting the cliche-scene, just pulling the guys arm with the brightest of smiles. Kil has suprised anime expression while guy is suddenly shy but lets himself get dragged along.
    Gons crossdressing isnt top notch like killuas, he just went along to have a great time with his best friend. His outfit look upbeat like he had a blast choosing it and his honest smile actually sells it surprisingly well.
    Last shot: Gon + Kil + five guys. Killua thinks he should take Gon along more often.
    (Sorry for ramblings but he literally just said there is too much Killusub already.)
    (Also more cute Gon pretty please, he’s precious.)
    (Or Yugi Muto in cutsy gothy skirt. He seem to like black leather and chains. Abridged series even makes a joke about it. I tell you, he’s asking for it.)

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