MomSwap – Velma and Mrs. Dinkley

So, like I did with Daphne before, I’m using the “A Pup Named Scooby-Doo” version of Velma and her mom for the MomSwap series. Now, Velma’s mom in “Mystery Incorporated” is named Angie, but that version of the franchise is clearly in a completely different universe than any other version. That’s why I used the name Elizabeth for Daphne’s mom, rather than Nan, and why I’m just going with Mrs. Dinkley for Velma’s mom. However, like with Daphne, I do think there’s a good chance I’ll draw the “Mystery Incorporated” equivalent of this pairing somewhere down the line, since I do like the idea of Velma and Angie getting it on.


  1. E

    Not quite sure what made me think of this one, but can I put in a submission for a MomSwap involving Ariel and Melody, from “The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea”? I’d recommend keeping both of them in their tails, because A) you don’t draw mermaids very often so it’s a change for you; and B) mermaids are usually more seductive and assertive than their human counterparts, so Ariel is merely passing on the lessons to her daughter.

    Maybe sneak the cecaelia Morgana into the background somewhere, like she’s watching what’s happening, planning…

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