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Yung Hee Tyson Character Ask 1

I’d been wanting to do something with Yung Hee and Velma for a while, since I feel like her main inspirations are Velma and Jade Chan. This Ask seemed primed for making that connection, and I included Daphne ’cause it would’ve felt weird to leave her out. Even though this is a pretty simple Ask, I like the idea of a mystery solving club. Whether they solve actual Studio mysteries or host, like, murder mystery parties, either way I like little looks into how Studio residents entertain themselves when they’re not on camera. I’m not sure how many potential mystery solvers there could be for a club like that, mostly I can just think of other characters from Hanna-Barbera Scooby clones, but I might revisit the concept if I have a good reason to.

Butt Witch’s Busy Weekend, Page 10

I decided to go with Velma for the next guest on Butt Witch’s livestream. A while ago I wrote an AI-assisted story involving Velma and the Butt Witch (as well as Mitsue) that’s set in the Studio, and referenced it a bit in the dialogue here. I also referenced the “Best Ass” series of polls I ran on Twitter some time ago, where Velma beat Butt Witch in one of the early rounds. I thought these connections would give them some material to work with for a dynamic, even though this is the first time I’ve drawn them together. I’ll begin working on the next page soon, though who can say when it’ll be ready to release.

Velma Dinkley Character Ask 6

When I did Johnny’s Ask a while ago with Velma and Daphne, I saw a number of people hoping to see him get a go at Velma herself. In their crossover episode, Jonny was into Daphne while Velma was into him, and while it’s nice to see him get the conventionally attractive girl in his own Ask, it’s also nice to see Velma get her stud cock. I’d been thinking that it’d be nice to do a follow-up, and here it is.

Johnny Bravo Character Ask 1

While I’m sure he probably still comes on too strong most of the time, Johnny’s success rate in the Studio is bound to be better than it was in his original show. The third episode of that show was a fun crossover with Scooby-Doo, and I thought letting Johnny hook up with Daphne and Velma would be a fun and sensible first crossover for him. I don’t know how often I’ll be drawing him, since his stylized appearance and exaggerated proportions don’t naturally translate easily into my usual style, but I really wanted to fit this in while he’s on my mind. In the episode Johnny hits on Daphne, who rebuffs him like all the women in the show do, while Velma’s into him but ignored. I’d like to do an inverse of this dynamic eventually, where Velma gets some Bravo D, but for now I went this route since Daphne doesn’t always get as much love in my work.

Velma and Trudy

The 2022 Halloween special for Scooby-Doo featured Velma crushing on a new character, Coco Diablo. I’d like to draw that pairing eventually, but I was reminded that I never got around to drawing her with Trudy, a pic I’d meant to do for some time. Trudy is one of the campers in Scooby-Doo: Camp Scare, a shy goth girl with a penchant for computers who Velma bonds with. I just liked her and wanted to draw her, so here we have that finally done. I’ll get to Velma and Coco when I have the time.

Vampire Holiday

I mentioned when I did her NHML pic that I saw Fangora getting paired girls from Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School. I thought about doing a pic with her and Phantasma, and I might still eventually, but I decided instead to pair her with Sibella. I like this pairing, as they’re two alternate universe daughters of Dracula (and they’re hardly the only ones), so they’re almost like trans-dimensional sisters. I wanted to get it out in time for October and spooky season, and I hope y’all will enjoy.

Shaggy Motivation

So this started out as a simple anon pic with Velma, I just wanted to draw Velma’s feet and ass again and was gonna use an anon cock to do it. As I worked on it, though, I changed my mind, and came up with a little narrative I thought was fun. So now it’s a pic of Velma using her feet to convince Shaggy to play his role in solving some mystery, which I think adds a bit more spark to the concept. I decided to include both a clean and messy version this time.

Velma + Thorn

So, in the climax of Scooby-Doo and the Witch’s Ghost, Velma and Thorn of the Hex Girls kinda get paired up. I think it’s just incidental due to the plot, as Thorn needed to be the one reading from a spell book and Velma was the best fit from the Scooby Gang to be with her for that (’cause you need someone from the gang involved in each part of the scene). However, the result is Velma clinging to Thorn’s arm dramatically and I just thought the two of them looked cute together. A vampy goth and a meek nerd make a good pair, I think, and I decided then I wanted to draw them together eventually. So… here they are!