Gon Freecss Character Ask 13

So I knew pretty quickly Gon wouldn’t be able to handle cocks the way someone like Gohan or Deku would. Their holes have been pretty well stretched, but Gon’s almost always a top on the work I’ve done so far. So his answer was obvious to me from the beginning. In his last Ask we saw Gon fucked by an anon cock, and I mentioned then considering using Killua to fuck him. Since I did the anon thing already, I decided to have Killua supply the dick in this Ask. We don’t get to see Killua fucking Gon very often, so hopefully it’s a fun change of pace for everyone.


  1. Dynor

    Oh hello Near, good work, well i’m not a partner, but I wanted to ask if you could do more younger people’s fucking older people, like that art of Trunks eating older Gohan

  2. Bo

    Killugon is the best couple of them all, and Near has always made excellent images representing this. This is no different. Congratulations Near for another incredible image.

  3. Devin

    Gonkillu is my OTP of all otp’s they would be canon if Gon learned to ask Killua out (He tried to ask the older women he went on dates with ‘How do I ask a boy out’ but they laughed at him and said to get back to work, he was then more rough with them) Leorio and Kurapika were no help because they never dated.

    Killua has read in magazines playing hard to get is the best way to land a guy… Which is why when ever Gon gives him a complement Killua acts weird and blushie.

    So basically if one was able to tell the other how they felt they would be dating on the show and you wouldn’t have to change a thing!

    So I’m beyond glad they are a couple/fuck buddies in your work with them!

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