MomSwap – Tomo and Akemi Aizawa

I was planning for the next MomSwap entry to be from Infinity Train, but I stared watching “Tomo-chan is a Girl” and got distracted. I was hesitant about this series, ’cause the premise feels pretty dated, but I liked Tomo’s design a lot and decided to try it based solely on that. I did end up liking the show, and there’s other pairings I’d like to draw from it eventually, but I decided to jump on this mother/daughter pairing ASAP.


  1. Violetty

    Very hot! I wonder why she loves brats. Probably because she likes to break em, I reckon. Also seems like the first vibrator in a MomSwap feature 🥰👍

    Also, on a scale of 1 to 10, how good is the anime though?

    1. Post
  2. GH20

    Very fitting to drop the pic public on Mother’s Day lol.

    Also pretty cool to have Tomo in the Studio, looking forward to her Dare around August.

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