Titans Tower Nights

Titans Tower Nights Page 07

It took way longer than I’d planned, but here’s (finally) page seven of Titans Tower Nights. I’d planned to do another page or two of this comic on this rotation, but with how long this one ended up taking I feel like maybe it’s a sign to move on for now. So we’ll put this one back on the shelf for now, and move on to Space Emperor Slut as soon as I can find the time to work on it.

Titans Tower Nights Page 05

Alright, so, just when we get to see Beast Boy and Raven getting fucked, it’s time to move on! Titans Tower Nights is going back on the shelf (not cancelled, just on hiatus again like it was before), and I’m going to be picking up Space Emperor Slut for a few pages. TTN will return eventually, I promise, it’s just time to work on another project for a bit. ^_^

Titans Tower Nights Page 04

Okay, so I finally wrapped up the fourth page of Titans Tower Nights! Things pick up a little bit on this page, and thankfully Beast Boy’s preparations for the planned evening went further than just the makeup and pink nightie. He’s all lubed up and stretched out and ready to sit on Cyborg’s fat dick. So he does. There will probably be one more page of this comic before shifting focus to SES.

Titans Tower Nights Page 03

It took longer than I expected it to, but here is the next page of Titans Tower Nights, the comic I’ll be focusing on for a little while. I released the first couple pages of this comic back in 2016, and it never got as far as my others, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of my current followers don’t remember it or haven’t seen it before. To catch everyone up, basically Beast Boy got dressed up femme in a nightgown and makeup to try and seduce Cyborg, but found out that he was already getting head from Raven. This page sees the two of them reach a compromise on how to handle the situation, while Cyborg mostly just seems concerned.

Titans Tower Nights Page 02

Finally we get the second page of Titans Tower Nights. Beast Boy sees that Raven beat him to the punch, so to speak, and a smug Raven can’t help but rub it in his face a little. Beast Boy’s jealous of what he sees, but which one is he jealous of?

This wraps up the comic updates for this batch. I’m working on the next batch already, but it’ll be a while as the upcoming pages for some of those comics are going to be a bit complicated. However, the final pages should be good.

Titans Tower Nights Page 01

So, this comic has kind of a long and winding history. For a long time, I had been bouncing around a few ideas that would allow me the chance to “doll up” Beast Boy (sometimes it was Robin). I eventually settled on the idea of Beast Boy seducing Cyborg by going femme, and around that time in the cBox there rose up a discussion of doing a Beast Boy/Raven comic. Since Raven is frequently shipped with either Cyborg or Beast Boy (depending on if the shipper likes Terra, mostly), I thought that Cyborg/Beast Boy/Raven made sense as a threesome. So, I tweaked my existing setup to allow Raven to be involved, and then kept the idea filed away for a while. When I decided I was ready to do a new comic, I ran a poll asking all of you which one I should do and placed some of my favorites up to choose from. You picked TTN over two yuri ones, and here we are.

Hopefully it’s pretty clear what’s going on in this page… I wasn’t sure the best way to quickly convey the situation, but if there’s any confusion the second page should explain things when it comes out next year. In the meantime, though, I probably won’t be posting this page anywhere else until more of the comic has been released. It’s just for those of you who follow the blog until then! I hope you guys like it, for some reason I’ve been especially concerned with how this comic will be received.