Anne Anal

I’ve been wanting to draw Anne Boonchuy from Amphibia for… I guess for a few years now? I’ve liked her ever since I first saw her, which is rare. Usually I have to watch a show and get to know a character before deciding I want to draw them, but for Anne it was instant. I never really worked up the momentum to actually do it, though. Early in 2022 I had the idea to do a big pic with a bunch of teen girl protagonists lined up in this position (I’ve done a couple pics like that before, usually with about three characters). I was gonna debut Anne in that pic, and she was going to be alongside Luz (Owl House), Connie (Steven Universe), Rider (Centaurworld), Reggie (Twelve Forever) and… more. I just kept thinking of other characters, and Kipo ended up in there, Tulip from Infinity Train, Hilda, Star Butterfly… the list was getting longer and I realized I wasn’t actually gonna finish this pic. Like I usually do for big pics, the girls were all drawn separately, and recently I decided to dust Anne off and just get one pic of her done by inking and coloring it. So I edited the guy fucking her a bit to imply he’s some random resident of Amphibia (it was originally a human anon), and here she is! Maybe I’ll ink and color some of the other sketches for that failed pic someday, but for now I’m just happy to have Anne in the Studio. The plan is for her to show up again before too long in the MomSwap series, so look forward to that!