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Addicted to My Little Brother’s Ass, Page 15

We’re nearing the end of the pages I first sketched back in 2016 or so when I first started this comic. I know people have been growing impatient with the pace of this comic, but the original plan back then was to release the entire comic at once when it was finished. Now that I know that I can’t stick to a project that isn’t releasing as I finish pages, we’ve made real progress here, so I hope everyone will continue to be patient with me as this comic moves forward.

Addicted to My Little Brother’s Ass, Page 12

X-ray or internal shots are something I don’t tend to delve into; even when other artists do them I don’t really care for them. However, I figured at least a peek of Chase digging into Kody’s back door might be nice for some folks, so here we get that as well as an indication that Kody’s finally getting off his stomach to get into a new position.