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Akane Tsunemori Character Ask 1

So, I admit I didn’t exactly have a great idea for the answer on this one, at least as far as making it interesting goes. Mostly I just wanted an excuse to draw Akane again. When she won the NHML raffle on September of 2018 I grew attached to her. Despite only seeing a couple episodes of Psycho-Pass, I found her very charming and likable. At the time I was wanting to draw a lot more of her, but the timing was never right and she eventually slipped from my mind. For this Ask I felt like it wouldn’t make much sense to pair her with anyone, and I was originally going to have her answer standing up. That would’ve still been fun, but then I thought maybe she could lie down and show the viewers exactly where the cocks she’s cocking about might go, were she to try them.

Akane Tsunemori NHML

Here is the winner of September’s Near Hentai Monthly Lady raffle, Akane Tsunemori of Psycho-Pass. I have only a passing familiarity with this series, and Akane’s the only character from it I even remotely know, so I went for a relatively simple anon pairing. I ended up sketching a lot of different poses that I liked in preparation for this, but ended up settling on this one when I felt like it let me show off the most of her. However, I had more fun than I’d anticipated working with this little cutie, and I wouldn’t be opposed to trying out some of those other poses in a fully-formed pic in the future. So she might be showing up again, but I can’t make any promises.

With this posting I am now accepting nominations for next month’s featured lady. For those who are new, the rules for nomination are simple. Just leave a comment here or in the cBox stating who you would like to nominate. Nominees cannot be any girl that I’ve drawn in the past calendar year (I prefer when they’re ones I’ve never drawn at all), and they cannot be a previous winner of the NHML raffle. They also can’t be from the same franchise as this month’s winner, Pyscho-Pass. I know that can be a lot to keep track of, so if your nomination does not meet these requirements I’ll do my best to let you know so you can nominate someone else. I will compile a list of all the nominees in the sidebar of this site, and on the first of October I will use a randomizer to randomly select one name from that list to get a dedicated picture next month. I look forward to seeing whom you all nominate!