Akane Tsunemori Character Ask 1

So, I admit I didn’t exactly have a great idea for the answer on this one, at least as far as making it interesting goes. Mostly I just wanted an excuse to draw Akane again. When she won the NHML raffle on September of 2018 I grew attached to her. Despite only seeing a couple episodes of Psycho-Pass, I found her very charming and likable. At the time I was wanting to draw a lot more of her, but the timing was never right and she eventually slipped from my mind. For this Ask I felt like it wouldn’t make much sense to pair her with anyone, and I was originally going to have her answer standing up. That would’ve still been fun, but then I thought maybe she could lie down and show the viewers exactly where the cocks she’s cocking about might go, were she to try them.


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