Character Dares

Silas Holloway’s First Dare

So, I was hesitant to do this Dare for two reasons. One is that I just drew Silas a few days ago for an Ask. Another is that I don’t typically like doing holiday-based Asks or Dares ’cause, while this post is going out to my Subscribers on Halloween, it’ll be February by the time it goes public. Regardless, I did go ahead and decide to do this one, and I hope those of you seeing this post in February can forgive the out-of-season spookiness.

Tomo Aizawa’s Second Dare

There were a few interesting Dares to choose from this month, but this one stood out to me for a couple reasons. One is that I just did a redheaded tomboy getting spitroasted by these two for a One-Shot, but another is that we’ve never had someone do a second Dare yet and I thought it was time. Now, obviously here Tomo’s not getting, like, hardcore dominated, much to her chagrin, but I kind of like this dynamic. To Goku and Vegeta, Tomo is spirited but still not able to take something like what Android 18 did from them in her Dare, but to Tomo they’re treating her lightly and ruining the challenge of her Dare.

Kazusa Takatori’s First Dare

Kazusa’s a character I’ve only drawn a couple times but, even though I never watched Shōnen Maid, I’m fairly fond of her. I’ve liked the idea of pairing her with lolis for a while now, for reasons I don’t feel like getting into too much here, and this Dare was as good an excuse as any. This dare also appealed to me due to its wording. Because the Dare specifies the first loli she sees, I went a different route than choosing one for her. Using the same randomized selection I use for a variety of things like First Shoot partners, I went through to the first loli in a randomized list and it was Apple from Mother Up!. I haven’t drawn her in ages, but I think she makes a good pair with Kazusa here.

Corey Park’s First Dare

I have a pretty limited range of uses for Corey, I think he works best in a specific setting with a specific dynamic. However, every now and then it can be cute to see someone taken out of their element a little. While I don’t really like the idea of Corey ever going full bottom, I still think Mace and Jackie’s energy was pretty badly damaged by that, but a little bit of him outside his comfort zone can be fun, I hope.

Bolin’s First Dare

I’m not personally that into guys like Bolin, but I do see the appeal. I haven’t drawn him since 2013, and I kinda figured if I did draw him again it’d be him topping some other LoK character I’m more into. However, I do think his personality fits bottoming well, and I’ve already drawn Kai fucking his brother in a commission from 2016. I figured it all came together in a way that makes sense, and I hope y’all will enjoy it.

Power’s First Dare

Goku’s once again helping a young lady out with her Dare. What a guy!

This one’s a bit simple, even the same type of Dare that Akira did earlier. However, I kinda had this idea of how Power would interact with this Dare differently, even if it’s not obvious how in the pic itself. Goku, while having a huge cock, is probably not who anyone would pick as the biggest in the Studio. Power, however, got this Dare and kinda half-assed finding a big cock. She knew Goku was a big one, so she just went straight for him. I thought some people might also get a kick out of this unconventional pair. I also know there’s been a lot of buzz about Power’s ass lately (at the time of posting to SubscribeStar, anyway), so I went with an angle to highlight it.