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Elsa Eats Ass

So this picture came about mostly through discussion in the chat box. After the SFM compilation of Frozen I did recently, someone made the off-had observation that there wasn’t much content of Elsa performing analingus on dudes. While I can’t personally verify the amount of such content, it got me thinking about the idea and I liked it. I’ve always found female-on-male analingus sexier the classier the woman is, and Elsa’s pretty damn classy. Since the image I had in mind would be pretty easy to pump out quickly (and I needed some quick content), I decided to do it and here it is.

I do like this even more than I thought I would, though, and I may do a follow-up at some point. I like the idea of Elsa just loving the taste of ass, and maybe eating a dude’s backside out while her sister sucks him off. We’ll see if I ever get around to drawing that, but it seems possible to me.

Frozen SFM Compilation

So yesterday I wasn’t able to sit down to really work on art until late in the day. I had time at the computer, but it’s really difficult for me to start and stop with art projects. Instead, I tried out something I’ve been wanting to do for a little while, and that’s taking SFM clips and putting them to music. I decided to use Frozen as the theme for this one and, while I’m not completely happy with it, I think it was a fun first try/test run. Please keep in mind I did this on the side while dealing with real life issues all day, so it’s not going to be amazing. However, if people like it, I’ll happily make more of these in the future. They’re pretty easy to put together, and any future attempts will be more professionally handled.

Also, I should mention that all credit for these clips go to the original SFM animators. I’ve left in all watermarks so hopefully y’all can track down any that interest you.