Elsa Eats Ass

So this picture came about mostly through discussion in the chat box. After the SFM compilation of Frozen I did recently, someone made the off-had observation that there wasn’t much content of Elsa performing analingus on dudes. While I can’t personally verify the amount of such content, it got me thinking about the idea and I liked it. I’ve always found female-on-male analingus sexier the classier the woman is, and Elsa’s pretty damn classy. Since the image I had in mind would be pretty easy to pump out quickly (and I needed some quick content), I decided to do it and here it is.

I do like this even more than I thought I would, though, and I may do a follow-up at some point. I like the idea of Elsa just loving the taste of ass, and maybe eating a dude’s backside out while her sister sucks him off. We’ll see if I ever get around to drawing that, but it seems possible to me.


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