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Yomi Mizuhara Character Ask 2

Like Yomi mentions here, Tomo Aizawa doesn’t have much in common with Tomo Takino, besides their names. If I’d compare her to anyone from Azumanga Daioh, it’d be Kagura. However, I kinda had an idea for how to have Yomi answer and still provide a fun image to go with it. I’m kinda interested in maybe doing some regular yuri between these two ladies eventually, but for this Ask I think it’s fine for Yomi to defer to Jun.

Tomo Aizawa Character Ask 2

There’s a scene in the first episode of Tomo-chan is a Girl! where Jun is talking with another guy about Tomo. The guy thinks Jun is talking about sex, while he thinks he’s talking about martial arts, and Jun comments that Tomo has good feet and uses them well. The other guy thought that was awesome, and so did I, and I’ve been hoping to show Tomo using her feet well since then.

Junichirou Kubota Character Ask 1

Jun has a similar problem to Shang, in that he’s a bit too earnest and straightforward for the tone a lot of Asks tend to take. I did consider having him standing with Tomo in this answer, like in Shang’s with Mulan, but decided to instead let him stand on his own here. I kinda just rolled with how I felt he’d be processing the Studio transition, but mostly this pic was about getting to see more of him since he was obscured in his debut.

Tomo and Jun Anal

This is just a little pic I wanted to do of Tomo with her man Jun. I don’t think I have much to say about this one, really, other than I just like these characters a lot and wanted to draw them. While I’m compelled to draw lots of Tomo with a number of different partners, I do like her canon ship with Jun and will hopefully do more with the two of them down the line.