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King Dedede Character Ask 1

So this is an unusual Ask for me, in that I didn’t pick it to answer because I had a good answer in mind (that should be obvious just looking at it), or because I really wanted to draw the character again (I don’t really have much interest in Dedede). Rather, the supporter asking this question is a very loyal, long-time supporter who I appreciate, despite not having much in common tastes-wise. I feel bad for not getting to engage with their ideas as much as other supporters whose tastes are closer to mine, and I know that there’s a handful of my fans who liked my previous Dedede stuff… So this is more for those people than anything, I hope they like it. 🙂

Bowser & Dedede Character Ask 1

This Ask targets two characters I’m not very practiced/comfortable with drawing. Since Asks are meant to be relatively quick pictures, I decided to go with a more intimate angle that would make the pic a bit easier to execute. In the past for these “who’s bigger” type Asks, I’ve usually had them be a draw, but in this case I felt there was one that made more sense as a winner. I’ve never drawn Dedede’s cock, and I hope I never do, but I have Bowser and I prefer him to have a real monster cock. I just don’t see Dedede matching up (or even being close, honestly). Since my only other Dedede pic was him being relatively submissive, and some folks seemed to like it, I decided to continue that theme with the presentation of the answer.

King Dedede Sucks

So this pic came about thanks to my Mini Commission reward. The supporter who asked for this wanted to see King Dedede giving a blowjob. Dedede’s not the type of character I’m personally attracted to, so this isn’t something I would’ve ever thought to do on my own, but I hope this works for those of you who’re more into characters like him. ^_^ I’ve always felt weird about characters with beaks giving blowjobs (even avian characters I find attractive), but I did my best with it here.