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Kids and Their Phones

So, the plan with Corey and Ms. Dumpsey has always been for him to move from just fucking her himself to renting her out to the other kids in the neighborhood. I’m not there yet, largely because I haven’t decided exactly how I want to frame it yet. Originally I’d planned to do them as a series of comics within Applebridge Snapshots, like the original Corey/Dumpsey event, but now I feel like that’d take me too long to work through. While I continue workshopping the concept, though, I figured I’d show how Corey’s been sharing the footage he’s shot with her. I’ve wanted to do a pic like this for a while, with the POV character watching something compromising of the person they’re talking to, and Ms. Dumpsey’s a perfect character for it due to the gap between her normal personality and what Corey’s done to her. Hopefully somewhere down the line we’ll see her put to more use as I figure out my approach.

Applebridge Snapshots Episode 7, The Blackmailing of Ms. Dumpsey

So here’s a new Applebridge Snapshot, this one bringing in the narratives for Corey Park and Ms. Dumpsey from relatively recent Bios I’ve released. I’ve wanted to do some variation of this story for a few years, and it feels good to finally get it out. Of course, as the last panel implies, Corey isn’t done with the mean old lady from down the road, and I do have more planned for these characters that I hope some of y’all will like. For now, though, I thought it was important to get the basis for their relationship and dynamic established. I’ve got a good idea of what the next Snapshot comic will be, but I think before I move on to that I would like to try and get out a new Mace ‘n Jackie comic? No promises, of course, but if I can that should be the next Applebridge comic I release.

Lorraine Dumpsey Bio

I know the past several bios I’ve released have been for the Bates family story I’m working on with CCat, but this is not related to that project. Lorraine here represents a character type I’ve been mulling over for, gosh… a couple years now, I guess. I was inspired to work with someone off her by a little 3D comic I saw a long time ago, and I decided to go ahead and lock down her design for future use. My current plan is for my next Applebridge Snapshot comic to be focused on Oliver and Wren, whenever that is, but there’s a good chance the Snapshot after that will be the first installment of Lorraine’s story and the fate that awaits her.