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January ’24 One-Shot

Here is the first One-Shot comic of 2024. The premise of this one is to bring in friends of former NHML winners. Obviously there’ve been a lot of NHML winners, but the Subscriber who submitted this script picked four they liked. Our first panel has Ryō Kurokiba and Alice Nakiri from Food Wars, the only one of these I’ve seen, representing Ikumi Mito from the May 2019 NHML. The second panel has Monaca Towa and Kotoko Utsugi from Danganronpa, representing Toko Fukawa from the June 2022 NHML. The third panel has Ren Amamiya, Makoto Niijima and Haru Okumura from Persona 5, representing Sae Niijima from the November 2018 NHML. The final panel features Balalaika, Roberta and Eda from Black Lagoon, all three women who had caught my eye but I never did anything with, representing Revy from the November 2016 NHML.