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Bennett Character Ask 1

So I don’t play or know much about Genshin Impact. All I know about Bennett is he’s an adventurer with bad luck who picks up a lot of injuries. Maybe off of that I could’ve paired him up with a woman who plays into his gimmick, I don’t know, but nobody really came to mind (and there’s no women from Genshin Impact in the Studio yet). I decided to go instead with a random pairing for this Ask, picking Mermista from She-Ra for a handful of reasons. One is that she definitely has the right energy for pegging; it’s very easy to picture her being the top in a heterosexual relationship. Another is just that I thought her colors would compliment Bennett’s colors well. Lastly, I just really like Mermista and had already been thinking of doing something with her again. So even if there’s no thematic element tying these two together, I think for the purposes of Bennett expanding his experience I can see them teaming up.


So this is Mermista, of Netflix’s new She-Ra series. I like her in this series a lot. She’s got the deadpan snarker gimmick, combined with a really exotic design that souldn’t work with her dry valley girl-esque voice but kinda does. I wanted to do a quick and simple pic of her before delving into a bit more (I’d like to do pics of her with both She-Ra and Glimmer, similar to the She-Ra/Glimmer pic I did before). There might be more simple Princesses of Power pics like this to come in the future, as well.