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Ersatzverse – Tsukinosagi’s Journey, Page Two

The first page of this comic went public in February of 2021… I’d chosen this format for this comic in order to make it easier to get pages out faster, and while it’s probably true that the hours spent on this page were less than those I’d spend on a normal comic page, clearly that didn’t translate into the page getting out any faster. Clearly the problem is more how lowly I’ve prioritized this series. While the Ersatzverse does have its fans, I can’t help but feel like the overall demand is pretty low, so I always choose other projects to focus on.
For those who don’t remember, the Ersatzverse is a universe constructed of “knockoff” versions of characters from other franchises. I chose Tsukinosagi to focus on for this story, and I’d originally planned to do a slow burn with her story. I wanted to show her going on a handful of normal adventures, maybe a bit ecchi but not overtly pornographic. The hope was to build some tension before things got spicier, but now I feel like that’s probably not really an option. The third page of this comic should come out faster than this one did, but nonetheless I’m going to move faster and cut to the chase more going forward so we can get some hardcore action before 2030.

Ersatzverse – The Maimuni Brothers

So this is the first pic in a concept I’ve been half-bouncing around in my head for a couple years now. For those not familiar with the term “ersatz”, it’s basically just a fancy word for a knockoff, which should hopefully explain why these characters look so familiar. I was inspired by some browser games I’ve seen where they use recolors/redesigns of popular characters to try and skirt copyright. Obviously copyrighted characters isn’t a huge concern for me, given the type of work I usually do, but for some reason I felt really drawn to the idea. So I’m trying to establish this new universe/setting for me to work in, called the Ersatzverse to just put a plain label on what it is upfront. I don’t know 100% how I’m going to actually use the characters in this setting, if I’m going to do comics, or just images with text similar to the Studio Tour pics, or do fics for my literature section… It’s possible I’ll do a little of all my options, since I don’t have one specific narrative that I want to focus on. For now, though, I’m planning to just release little pin-up pics of characters I want to introduce y’all to. I didn’t really want to do another “bio” series on top of Applebridge and the Spookyverse bios, so this will have to do.
So, let me introduce you to the Maimuni Brothers. On the left we have Holu Maimuni, the younger brother, while on the right is Molimo Maimuni, the older brother. These two are the leaders of a small group of desert bandits known as “The Feel-Good Bandits”. They don’t have any special powers like their more familiar counterparts, but are both skilled fighters. Despite how I drew them here (and I admit they turned out a bit more intense than I’d intended, but I kinda like it) the bandits aren’t proper villains or anything. They’re closer to Robin Hood type figures, I think, though they’re still notorious outlaws. They got their nickname through a habit of holding up wealthy caravans and not only taking the valuables, but ravaging any members of the caravan who caught their eye. Their sexual prowess being unmatched, their name is a direct reference to how their victims are left feeling after they escape.
The brothers have a sister, and her and her best friend will likely be the next pic I do for this setting. I don’t know for sure when that’ll be, I’m kind of anxious to get more characters out but I also don’t want to over-saturate my brand with them, so we’ll see. I imagine it won’t be too terribly long, though.