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For Whom the Bells Toll, Page 00-03

So, I had some ideas for how I wanted to handle the Bell characters I introduced earlier this year. I could have just, like, drawn Jonah fucking Jasper and been done with it, but I wanted to try doing a narrative and some build-up instead. I considered telling their story within Applebridge Snapshots, but I’ve been having trouble getting those out lately and already have a number of ideas and new characters for that series I’m sitting on… I didn’t want to muck that series up with more backlog. So, I’m trying a different approach. This won’t be a comic, but it’ll still operate more or less like one. I’m hoping this formatting will work well for this type of story, but we’ll see as more pages come out. Right now the final page here is what would’ve originally been the first panel of the hypothetical Snapshot page, with the cover and preceding pages working to flesh the story out a bit more. The next update will jump right into the action, starting with what would’ve been the second panel of this story had been done as a Snapshot.