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How to Please Girls

I had the idea for this comic back when I was watching season two of Laid-Back Camp, when you saw the other LBC pics of mine come out relatively close together. This comic took me a while, though, even for a comic, since I kept having to put it aside to focus on things like the Halloween comic or the Christmas images or what-have-you. In the end I did manage to wrap it up, though, and I’m happy for that.
Nadeshiko and her sister Sakura are two characters I liked a lot in the show. Nadeshiko originally didn’t interest me much, but her personality and humor really won me over while watching the show. Sakura’s just very pretty, with a quiet stoicism that makes her a good match for her goofy younger sister. I like the idea of Sakura helping to prepare Nadeshiko for making a move on Rin, her best friend and camping buddy. Anyway, I hope you all like it.