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I’ve been wanting to do something with Nora Wakeman for a while now, and I finally found the time to whip something up. I know not everyone enjoys the more… mature women in animation, but I do, and I hope I can explore them more in the future. I’ve mentioned wanting to do something with Batman Beyond’s version of Barbara Gordon before, and there are other silver-haired cougars out there I’d like to draw some day as well.

As for Nora, I had some hard decisions to make with this picture. Stylistically, I felt I had to move further away from the show’s style. It’s even more 2-D feeling than most cartoons, and attempting something like I did with Gravity Falls would probably have been too far out there. Instead, I tried to draw her a bit more realistically, with a hint of anime influence (though that mostly went to Jenny, I think). I tried to stick with her most notable characteristics in the original style, though, like the huge goggle eyes or her prominent proboscis (Have I mentioned I also like girls with large noses? Because I do).

I also had a hard time on settling with who to pair her with. I had considered both Brad and Tuck (or both), but the thought of Nora using her greatest creation to get off from time to time was too tempting to ignore. I may try pairing Nora up with one or both of the boys later if I get the chance to draw her again. We’ll see how well people respond to this one first, I’m expecting a lot of the same sort of backlash I get for drawing Frieza.