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Penny and Billie Character Ask 1

I was pretty happy to see Penny and Billie getting a little attention in the Character Asks. I can’t explain why, but I’m really drawn to both of them, and was excited about drawing them again. When I did my first pic of them I had them in full (and I mean full body) clown makeup, which is how they usually are portrayed in the show. However, not too long after I made that pic an episode came out that showed them closing up the truck, and taking off their makeup. So when I saw the nature of this Ask, and already reached the conclusion they probably wouldn’t have had breaks at the same time given the small crew, I figured this was a good chance to show their more natural after hours designs.

Bigtop Bitches

So this is one of those little things I just had to do for myself. These lovely ladies are Penny (left) and Billie (right) from Bigtop Burgers, a series of short YouTube animations by Worthikids. I’ve been following Worthikids for a while, I think their animations are great, but Bigtop Burgers is their first series I’ve seen. I think the characters are really fun and I enjoy their dynamic a lot, and I just wanted to draw something with these two from the show. In the cartoon itself the characters have bodies closer to, like, a chibi design, so I reworked their proportions a bit here. Hopefully they look okay. I don’t really expect to draw more of these characters, but if people like them I could see returning to this franchise in the future.