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Akimoto Yukie

One thing that Koikatsu makes easier to do than Artificial Academy did is to allow me to make characters beyond a bunch of students in a classroom. I can make teachers, family members, whomever alongside the main cast of characters. I decided to go ahead and do that with Yukie here, the mother of Kumiko. I don’t know how many of the characters I’ll add family to, I guess it’ll mostly depend on who I have ideas for, but I wanted Kumiko to have a single mother she lives with. The whole idea behind Kumiko’s character originally was to have a loli-type who enjoyed domming other girls bigger than her (mostly the passive and submissive Fujiwara Michiyo), and her mother here is meant to play into that. Yukie’s a sweet but simple mother, who loves her daughter very much but is also very lazy and passive. Hopefully some day I can release something with Kumiko’s bratty nature getting the better of her mother’s sweet one.

Shimada Mamoru

This is Shimada Mamoru, the first boy in the Perverted School project. He started out just as my way of familiarizing myself with the Koikatsu character creator. As I was working on him, I decided I wanted to make someone a bit like Nagisa from Assassination Classroom, so I leaned a bit into his design. I thought the final result was pretty cute, though, so I decided to keep him and add him to the roster. Mamoru’s a quiet boy, but he’s sweet and kind to those who get to know him. He enjoys reading but not studying, and can often be found in the school library after classes are over.

Perverted School Relaunch

I’m sure many of you probably recognize the above pic as coming from Koikatsu, an H-game made by Illusion that lets you make your own characters and do all sorts of fun things with them. I don’t expect anyone to remember, but years ago in late 2011/2012 I tried using a different Illusion game, Artificial Academy, to create some original content with characters I’d made in that game. The project was called “Perverted School”, because I couldn’t think of anything else, and it was going to focus on the full class of about 25 characters I’d made in that game. I was in the process of posting images of the characters one at a time, and had gotten through seven of them when my computer bricked. At that time I was able to save most of my data, but the save file for Artificial Academy didn’t make it and I ended up dropping the project instead of trying to make everyone again.

Now that I’ve gotten my hands on Koikatsu, though, I’ve decided I’d like to take another stab at this. In the original project, I traced over the AA screenshots to try and make them look a bit more like traditional art, but I don’t really have time for that these days. Besides, looking back at those pics, I don’t think they even look that distinct from how the game looked.

So what I’ve down here is recreate the seven characters who I’d released back in 2011/2012. From left-to-right we have Endou Mihara, Pai Sakura, Watanabe Chiaki, Inoue Ayumu, Yamashita Yumi, Akimoto Kumiko, and Fujiwara Michiyo. If you check out the “Perverted School” category you can see what I wrote about each of them back then, as well as see their original designs (there’ve been some changes made since then, partly due to the games having different options). These characters comprised two rival groups, with Sakura and Yumi both vying to be the most popular girl in school.

I don’t remember any of the other characters I made back then, so anyone new I post will be brand new. I’m planning to release little character pics here and there, and eventually get into releasing some hardcore content (maybe even some animations?). Since this isn’t “art” in the sense of what I usually post, the Perverted School content won’t be posted in the usual time slots or on the Post Schedule. I don’t want these pics replacing the drawings you guys come here for, it’s going to be more of a side thing, bonus content. I’ll be back with a new character somewhere down the line (and yes, there will be boys, too). In the meantime, here’s the character cards for these girls if you want a closer look at them:


Perverted School – Kumiko & Muchiyo

It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything with the Perverted School characters, so I thought I’d break from the bio pages to give you guys some action. I’m not sure if I’ll stick with this project, it’s not going as well as I’d hoped, but feel free to say whether you like it in the comments.

Here are Akimoto Kumiko and Fujiwara Michiyo. I figured since I started the bio pages with them, I’d let them be the first featured in an actual scene. Enjoy!

Perverted School Bios – Watanabe Chiaki

Here is the third member of Pai Sakura’s group, Watanabe Chiaki. She is the counterpart to Yamashita Yumi’s Akimoto Kumiko.

Chiaki is part of the kendo team, and is second only to Endou Mihara (the two have been called the “kendo babes” by some of their classmates). She is quick on her feet and has aspirations to one day join the military (she will often respond to requests with a sharp “Roger that!” and a salute). While she has been known to sleep with both Sakura and Mihara, she is actually dating Joshuya Chikuma and Higashikuni Ai (they both seem cool with sharing her).

Perverted School Bios – Endou Mihara

Endou Mihara is part of Pai Sakura’s group; she is the counterpart to Inoue Ayumu in Yumi’s group.

Mihara is the star of the school’s kendo club (where she and Watanabe Chiaki are sometimes referred to as the school “kendo babes”), and the crush of many of the girls in the school. She is calm and composed, and always seems to have something clever to say. She is very well liked. She is dating Kawatake Misato.

Perverted School Bios – Pai Sakura

Sakura is the most popular girl in school. Her closest friends are Endou Mihara and Watanabe Chiaki. Due to her rivalry with Yamashita Yumi, many in the school like to compare Sakura’s friends with Yumi’s (Mihara is compared to Inoue Ayumu and Chiaki is compared to Akimoto Kumiko).

Sakura is very friendly and outgoing. She’s in a serious relationship with Nekowatari Koneko, who idolizes her. She is a member of the school swim team, where she is good, but not a standout athlete. She’s embarrassed by the tan-lines she gets from practice.

Perverted School Bios – Yamashita Yumi

Yumi is the self proclaimed “Queen of the School.” Her father is the primary donator to the school, and is the man responsible for the school’s library located in Yamashita Hall. Yumi believes herself to be entitled to the role of most popular girl in school, and behaves that way even though she’s not nearly as popular as Pai Sakura.

Yumi’s closest friends are Inoue Ayumu and Akimoto Kumiko. She is closest to Ayumu, and suspects Kumiko to be scheming to replace her as head of the group.

Yumi is generally disliked for her haughty attitude, although she is blissfully unaware of this fact. She is a member of the school volleyball team.

Perverted School Bios – Inoue Ayumu

Ayumu is the second of the three “bully characters”, run by Yamashita Yumi. She is the counterpart to Endou Mihara in Sakura’s group. While both Ayumu and Kumiko have been known to sleep with Yumi (Yumi is a very sexual person), Ayumu is the one closest to her. Ayumu considers Yumi to be her one true love, and would do anything for her. Outside of the clique, she’s very good friends with Hasumi Izumi.

Ayumu is in her school’s swim team, where she enjoys moderate success. She’s not terribly bright, and is considered the “muscle” to Yumi’s little group. She’s a bit tense, and will often ask her other classmates for dieting tips.