Akimoto Yukie

One thing that Koikatsu makes easier to do than Artificial Academy did is to allow me to make characters beyond a bunch of students in a classroom. I can make teachers, family members, whomever alongside the main cast of characters. I decided to go ahead and do that with Yukie here, the mother of Kumiko. I don’t know how many of the characters I’ll add family to, I guess it’ll mostly depend on who I have ideas for, but I wanted Kumiko to have a single mother she lives with. The whole idea behind Kumiko’s character originally was to have a loli-type who enjoyed domming other girls bigger than her (mostly the passive and submissive Fujiwara Michiyo), and her mother here is meant to play into that. Yukie’s a sweet but simple mother, who loves her daughter very much but is also very lazy and passive. Hopefully some day I can release something with Kumiko’s bratty nature getting the better of her mother’s sweet one.

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