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Mentoring Artie

This here is Artie Smarty, the son of the owner of Smart-Mart in the Kim Possible universe. He’s a one-episode character, basically a complete brat that Ron’s supposed to mentor and help become a better person. The episode focuses in large part on Ron and Artie interacting, with Ron’s goofiness doing little to dissuade the rebellious punk skater kid. I actually wanted to draw Artie back a year or two ago when I re-watched the series to share it with my sister, but I forgot about him. While looking up reference material for the May One-Shot (which will be released publicly in June) I was reminded of him and decided not to forget a second time. I really like his design, and even though I may never draw him again I am pretty seriously considering basing an Applebridge character off of him so I can do more stuff with a shota along these lines. >:D

Ron Motherfucking Stoppable

So I’m back from my vacation now, and I bring with me a pic that I had mostly finished before I left. I’ve been watching Kim Possible with my kid sister lately, since she’s never seen the show before, and it’s served to remind me of the obscene number of incredibly hot characters the show has. I’ve been having lots of ideas for KP characters, which is good since the show is also doing very well on my poll right now asking what people want to see more of. It’s doing so well, in fact, that I’m debating starting up a comic I’ve been sitting on, now that I know there’s an audience for it already visiting my blog. If and when I do start posting it, though, it’ll be the first girls-only comic I’ve done, which is kind of exciting.

In the meantime, though, we have this pic, which I had started before the poll ever went up. I wanted to start off with a character I see used less often than the popular ones like Kim and Shego, and there’s something I really like about Mrs. Stoppable. I’m really into nerdy MILF-types like her and Luann Van Houten, so I did the natural thing around these parts and let her son have a go at the pussy he came from.