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Sable Able

So I’ve been into Animal Crossing for almost a decade now, but I’ve never really drawn it. There’s been some attempts, but usually when I tried the pic was too ambitious and (combined with my inexperience drawing the characters) lead nowhere. I do really enjoy a fair bit of Animal Crossing art put out by other artists, though, and decided to do a simple little pic of one of my favorite non-villager characters in the series, Sable. Sables a shy hedgehog you can get to open up by talking to her every day. I really enjoy her dialogue, and in my current New Horizons game I still make sure to talk to her every day despite wrapping up all of her content progression months ago.
When it comes to Animal Crossing characters, I’ve seen a lot of different approaches. Some people just give them full on human proportions, sort of like what I do with the Near Pokédex series, while others try to match the proportions of the game to varying degrees. I decided to try this middle-ground approach, where she’s a bit more human-shaped than in the game, but not quite as chibified as her canon appearance. I’m not sure if it turned out well or not, I guess I’ll rely on people’s response to this pic to see if I should return to this franchise later. There’s no shortage of cute characters in Animal Crossing, and I have my own favorites, but we’ll see how things go.