Animal Crossing

Rosita Character Ask 1

So, funny story. Recently some of my friends went to an event where they watched Sing 2. I didn’t go, but I jokingly asked them to let me know if the second film showed off Rosita’s ass any. I ended up getting texts from them whenever they did anything interesting with her butt, which got me thinking about drawing her again. I’d been thinking about doing a new Rosita pic all day, when I saw this question submitted. I could be wrong, but I don’t think anyone’s submitted a question for her before, and it just seemed like too much of a coincidence to ignore. So, I decided it’d be the one I answered next.
I considered just showing her pole dancing, since she got really into dancing in the first film and her super market dance sequence is a highlight of the movie. However, I really wanted to draw her with some other characters, so I decided to just have her mention the pole dancing instead. Rosita’s life was dominated by her many kids in the movie, so I figured she’d enjoy having lots of free time and such in the Studio. For her partners, I wanted to go with two other anthro characters I’m fond of but don’t draw often. I realize that in the world of furry porn I’m pretty lacking, but I do still enjoy drawing them from time to time regardless.


I decided to try out another Animal Crossing pin-up, still trying to settle on how I want to translate the in-game designs into my art. This time I drew Ankha, one of my villagers in New Horizons and also a pretty popular villager just in general. I’ve seen a lot of artists draw her a lot of ways, but I tried to stick with how she looks in the game for the most part (though definitely not 100%). I’ve seen her given a little cat nose, or blue pads on her feet, or just a more traditional anthro design overall, but I still wanted to recognize her as the little cat who says hi to me every morning in my game. Hopefully y’all will enjoy this angle of her.

Sable Able

So I’ve been into Animal Crossing for almost a decade now, but I’ve never really drawn it. There’s been some attempts, but usually when I tried the pic was too ambitious and (combined with my inexperience drawing the characters) lead nowhere. I do really enjoy a fair bit of Animal Crossing art put out by other artists, though, and decided to do a simple little pic of one of my favorite non-villager characters in the series, Sable. Sables a shy hedgehog you can get to open up by talking to her every day. I really enjoy her dialogue, and in my current New Horizons game I still make sure to talk to her every day despite wrapping up all of her content progression months ago.
When it comes to Animal Crossing characters, I’ve seen a lot of different approaches. Some people just give them full on human proportions, sort of like what I do with the Near Pokédex series, while others try to match the proportions of the game to varying degrees. I decided to try this middle-ground approach, where she’s a bit more human-shaped than in the game, but not quite as chibified as her canon appearance. I’m not sure if it turned out well or not, I guess I’ll rely on people’s response to this pic to see if I should return to this franchise later. There’s no shortage of cute characters in Animal Crossing, and I have my own favorites, but we’ll see how things go.