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Diana the Acrobat Character Ask 1

Diana’s a character from the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon I drew back in 2015. Her and Shantae are really only being brought together in this Ask because the Subscriber likes both of them, but I thought it could be fun to do a little something with them. I don’t really picture them necessarily being “a thing”, but they’re both amicable enough I’m sure they’d get along fine.

First Shoot #18 – Shantae

Shantae is one of those characters I know more through hentai and fanart than I do her source material. Even having played her first game back in the day, I still mostly associate her with the various animations and such I’ve seen over the years. While she has plenty of nice characters in her home series she could be paired with, this association I have with her made her feel like a good First Shoot candidate, and I guess my Subscribers agreed as they voted for her in this poll. Her random partner is Judy, one of the two hosts of “Big Shot!”, the bounty hunter show the crew of Cowboy Bebop watch. While I couldn’t think of much specific for these two to talk about in their scene together, I do find the pairing of a cowgirl and a genie kind of charming.