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Tribal Tarzan

This is a Mini Commission for one of my Subscribers. The idea for this pic was to show kid Tarzan with anklets, bracelets, and “tribal paint”. I wasn’t sure exactly what they wanted, but I looked to Koko from one of the Pokémon movies for how to handle it. I also gave him a little handprint on his bum, ’cause I figured that’d be fun.

Mowgli Character Ask 3

Fun fact: Due to the times at which they were answered, each of Mowgli’s Character Asks thus far has had a different colored border for the question.
Anyway, this one seemed like a pretty easy and straightforward answer. Tarzan’s Studio debut was a commission with him and Mowgli, one focused more on foreplay than hardcore action. I seem to recall their being some interest in seeing something more intense between them at the time, so this Ask is basically just an excuse to do that. I couldn’t really think of anything clever or interesting for Mowgli to say, though.

Tarzan and Terk

This is a pairing I initially didn’t think much about, but as I was working on this pic I actually came to like them. Terk’s design is pretty cute (I like her hair), and it’s pretty rare to see human-animal pairings that work like this one does. Being actual childhood friends, plus the animal being the girl, are two factors that you don’t see come up in content like this often. I’m not planning to start drawing a bunch of Tarzan/Terk content, but I wouldn’t be opposed to drawing them again.

Jungle Fever

This is a commission I recently wrapped up. The idea here is that Mowgli was learning to swing through the jungle, but made a mistake and ended up tangled in the vines. Tarzan found him (or, if you think it’s cuter, maybe he was the one showing Mowgli how to do it) and decided to take advantage of the tangled up boy. He places one hand on the small of his back and gently pulls him in…
We’ll just have to ignore the fact that one of these chaps is in India while the other is in Africa. The client who bought this one seems interested in getting more with the two of them (possibly with the younger version of Tarzan from the start of his movie) in the future, so if you like this pairing it’s possible this won’t be the last you’ll see of them from me. No promises, though.