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Diner Blowjob

This is an Iron Giant commission that features Hogarth and Dean at the diner Hogarth’s mom works at. The idea for this one was originally an under-the-table sort of thing, with the camera over the table and x-raying through it. The client later asked if I could pose it more like my old Gohan/Goten/Chi-Chi pic (minus Chi-Chi), which I did. We tried to have the table visible in the shot, but it didn’t look great from this angle so the table’s just invisible.

Dean Hearts Hogarth

This is a commission I recently wrapped up for a new client featuring Hogarth Hughes and Dean McCoppin from The Iron Giant. I always knew I’d end up drawing Hogarth some day, but to be honest I had always assumed it would be him with his mother. While that’s still a very likely possibility at some point, I ended up liking Hogarth in this role a lot more than I thought I would, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see more pics of him like this show up on here in the future.