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The 1 Club – Ms. Frizzle’s Open Consultation

One thing I’d like to accomplish with this “1 Club” gimmick is taking a second stab at characters I drew ages and ages ago. Ms. Frizzle was a WWOEC Woman of the Month winner in April of 2014, and I did a little pic of her in an orgy with all of her students (fun fact, this was the image that got my Blogspot and Google accounts locked for a few months, necessitating the move to the current site). I was never completely happy with that pic, though, as I felt like I failed to capture the general feel of the character. One reason why I try and stick to the art style of the characters I draw, especially in the faces, is because when the art style is too different it feels more like someone else cosplaying the character to me, and that’s how I felt about that Ms. Frizzle pic. So here I tried to get a bit closer to how she normally looks.
As for her partner for this pic, I wanted someone about the age of her students. I remembered how Riley had been paired with Launch and Camie in the past, going after older women to prove how straight he can be, and I thought he’d be a good fit here. Honestly, drawing Riley with a teacher made me kinda want to draw him with his teacher in The Boondocks sometime, though I don’t know if she’s remembered enough or distinctive enough to make that worth it. I also found a character from Magic School Buss who I might want to draw Ms. Frizzle with, a woman around her own age that she’s close to, so like the Elasti-Girl pic this series keeps giving me new ideas for these characters I haven’t drawn in years.

April ’14 WWOTM – Ms. Frizzle

The WWOEC Woman of the Month for April 2014 is Ms. Valerie Felicity Frizzle, or “The Friz”, the teacher from the acclaimed Magic School Bus franchise. At the time I watched this show I was too young to be attracted to any of the characters, and I haven’t ever revisited it as an adult, so this is a character that wouldn’t have crossed my mind. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever find time to draw from this series again, so I opted to squeeze in all of the main cast in one pic. Originally they were all going to be ganging up on The Friz, but I lacked the skill necessary to pull that off. So, that’s why four of the kids are just off doing their own thing.