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June ’21 One-Shot

My Applebridge OCs have appeared in a few One-Shots over the years, but I think this is the first all-Applebridge One-Shot? Like always, the script for this One-Shot came from one of my Subscribers over on SubscribeStar, and the theme here was to show off sibling incest couples from Applebridge. Funnily enough, except for the first panel with Oliver and Wren, these are all pairings I set up for CCat to work with in different comics that just haven’t gotten made yet for one reason or another. We have Oliver and Wren Townsend, Ty and Kobi Ray, and Josh Bate with his younger and older sisters, Jaiden and Tara. Enjoy!

CCat – Ty’s Best Birthday Present

So, my friend CCat has been experimenting with some different inking techniques for her art. She wanted to see how this looked with my colors on it, but of course I don’t have a lot of time for coloring stuff I can’t share. She agreed to give me something I could publish and here we are. It’s sort of like an alternate cover for the comic we’re currently working on, but I can’t really say when the actual comic will be coming out just yet. But here we see Ty with Mr. Flopsy, his beloved stuffed bunny his older brother Kobi gave him for his birthday.

Ty Ray Bio

So this is the bio page for Ty Ray, Kobi’s younger brother. This is actually Ty’s first official appearance, but I’ve been working on something involving him with my friend CCat for a year or more at this point. No clue when that’ll come out, and I don’t want to spoil what we have planned, but I figured it’d be nice to go ahead and introduce Ty to everyone here.