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U.A. Wall – Kinoko Komori

We’re reaching the point of this project where we’re going to start seeing a lot more 1-B students. I’ve still got a handful of 1-A boys left to work through, but we’ve done all the girls now. I don’t personally know very many of the 1-B characters, due to when I fell out of the show, but I do remember noticing Kinoko during the sports festival. I know she gets a bigger spotlight later on, when we see her hero persona, and I hope some folks will enjoy seeing this mushroom growing out of a wall here.

U.A. Wall – Tenya Iida

It’s been a really long time since the last U.A. Wall pic came out. This is for two reasons. One is just that I’ve started getting a little bored with the premise. Maybe that’ll change, but I haven’t been excited to work on this series for a while. The other, bigger reason is that, with the pattern I’ve been on, Iida was the next entry, if I was going to do him at all. I didn’t originally plan to include him, but he’s one of two guys I planned to leave out (Mineta being the other) who I got a surprising amount of people asking for. I like Iida, as a character, but I’m not really attracted to him and didn’t have any real interest in drawing him like this. Topping Deku or something, sure, but I didn’t really feel like drawing him in a pic like this… So I put it off, and put it off, but finally I got around to finishing it. So here it is.

U.A. Wall – Toru Hagakure

Hagakure’s a character a lot of people were curious about when I started this series. I always intended to include her, but I had a bunch of other characters I wanted to get through first (though there’s plenty more on the way). For her entry, I decided to include some clothing to help illustrate the scene. The panties pulled to the side were always a given, but I went back and forth on the socks. In the end, I decided to have her socked up in the before image, and with one removed in the after, to try and get a little bit of the benefits I saw in both approaches. So here’s the final result, I hope you guys like it.

U.A. Wall – Yuga Aoyama

So next up for the U.A. Wall series is Yuga Aoyama, the boy who just can’t stop twinkling. I’m a little surprised that, of all the U.A. students in the show, nobody’s asked if Aoyama would be included in this series (despite most of his classmates getting inquiries at some point or another). I understand why he may not be the most popular of the supporting cast, but I always thought he was cute, and his sort of arrogance is perfect for a situation like this one. This is Aoyama’s first pic ever in my work, so it’s quite the welcome to the Near Hentai Studio. ^_^