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Ersatzverse – Tsukinosagi’s Journey, Page Three

I’m happy to get this page out so soon after the last one. Our next couple of pages will be mostly sex action, but they might also take longer, so I can’t say for sure when to expect page four. For this page, though, we jump straight to our heroines seeking some advice from the nearby oracle Karasu before they truly begin their journey.


Also, here is the Q&A video I did for Subscribers last month, for anyone interested:

Ersatzverse – Tsukinosagi’s Journey, Page Two

The first page of this comic went public in February of 2021… I’d chosen this format for this comic in order to make it easier to get pages out faster, and while it’s probably true that the hours spent on this page were less than those I’d spend on a normal comic page, clearly that didn’t translate into the page getting out any faster. Clearly the problem is more how lowly I’ve prioritized this series. While the Ersatzverse does have its fans, I can’t help but feel like the overall demand is pretty low, so I always choose other projects to focus on.
For those who don’t remember, the Ersatzverse is a universe constructed of “knockoff” versions of characters from other franchises. I chose Tsukinosagi to focus on for this story, and I’d originally planned to do a slow burn with her story. I wanted to show her going on a handful of normal adventures, maybe a bit ecchi but not overtly pornographic. The hope was to build some tension before things got spicier, but now I feel like that’s probably not really an option. The third page of this comic should come out faster than this one did, but nonetheless I’m going to move faster and cut to the chase more going forward so we can get some hardcore action before 2030.

Ersatzverse – Tsukinosagi Maimuni and Yakuni Tatani

So here are two more characters for the Ersatzverse, the little world I’m building that’s populated by knockoffs and mash-ups of licensed characters. On the left we have Yakuni Tatani, a farm girl and childhood friend of Tsukinosagi Maimuni (or just Tsukino) on the right. Tsukino is currently the closes thing I have to a protagonist for this project, as I do have some storyline ideas for her that will probably play out in some fashion eventually. Probably Ersatzverse stories will be several separate stories with different lead characters, but Tsukino will be one of them. She’s the younger sister of Holu and Molimo that we saw before, and has an innate ability to see and communicate with ghosts.
Now, I’m intentionally not mentioning who the inspiration for Ersatzverse characters are for a couple reasons. One is, I think it’s just kinda obvious and might be a little insulting if I spelled it out each time. But second, I think part of the fun for a concept like this is spotting and recognizing people on your own. Not all of them will be as face-slappingly obvious as the Maimuni brothers were, but many will be and the rest will still be fairly apparent I think.